Original Music

We create damn good music for advertising, broadcasting, film and technology.

We craft music inspired by the provided moving picture, showcasing our ability to produce any music genre and style for your project, whether it's for film, TV, digital media, or even radio.

You + us = perfect combo. We always keep you in the loop and ask for feedback to ensure a collaborative experience, so you can say: “That’s music to my ears.”

Sound Design

You’d be surprised how closely music and sound design are married.

When making soundtracks, all the elements need to work together perfectly so there isn’t a battle in the mix.

Whether it’s dialogues, V.O. or foley, we know how to enhance that particular power sound goal. In stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos or immersive sound, we know how to turn every mix into a work of art.

Sonic Branding

We help brands cut through the noise - from core concept to successful implementation.

What you get: an ownable yet flexible audio identity to be deployed across all relevant touchpoints.

Music Licensing & Creative Search

Are you convinced that's the perfect song, and no other? Don't worry, we can almost certainly get it for you.
We know how to swim in the mysterious legal music seas and we rely on a great team of specialized lawyers, whatever the scenario may be.
But if you’re not that sure..
As music enthusiasts, we dig through the vaults of music history to find the right tune for your project.
From classic hits to contemporary pop, we pride ourselves on a track record of songs that get stuck in your head and not in a legal logjam at the best prices of the market.

Music Catalogue

We offer a carefully curated and premium catalog of original music available at highly competitive prices. Moreover, our creative team is well-equipped to conduct searches, offer recommendations, and make necessary edits to bring your envisioned musical ideas to life.


We're specialists in voice strategy, expert voice persona development, voice-over talent casting, conversational design and voice UX.

Our database of voice talents and actors who are experts in all languages and accents it’s always updated and ready to listen. Just ask for our reel samples!